So, this is my new blog. I will not be really "posting" on it until Friday, but I thought it would be pretty dumb to leave it for a whole week or at least four days without anything on it. So here is a short background on how I came up with the idea for this blog.

Last semester (Fall 2006) my mom and I were in a class known as the Galveston Bay Area Master Naturalist Program. There are eleven classes from August to November about everything you ever need to know about nature. Along with taking the classes you are required to do forty hours of volunteer work and eight hours of advanced training in order to become a Master Natralist. My mom and I got our pins at the last meeting, but we will not be official Master Naturalists until we complete our volunteer and advanced training hours. Anyways, while we were in the program we found out about something else called the Tenners Program. In the Tenners Program you find out and memorize the ten most common *insert whatever animal, mineral or object you would like here* in the Galveston Bay Area. When you memorize the ten most common *insert whatever animal, mineral or object you would like here* you then get a Tenner in whatever area you found out about. For instance if you found out about the ten most common shells in the Galveston Bay Area, then you would get a Tenner in shells. Make sense? We have finished the program now and since I am studying World Geography this year I thought a good way to study it would be to find out as many Tenners as possible about the world. Anything from the ten longest rivers in the world to the ten poorest countries in the world.

And there you have it folks. That is a brief synopsis of what I plan to do on this blog. It should continue, with some exceptions for the holidays, from now until about the end of May. So be expecting a new post every Friday on a different Tenner and I expect to learn quite a bit from this crazy little endeavor of mine. I'll be posting again soon!


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