This one was not as difficult as some of the other ones, but I did have to change the title slightly. Originally I had used the title "Ten countries with the oldest average age," but I decided that "Ten countries with the highest life expectancy" is a more commonly used phrase, so it would be easier to find that on a search engine. Before I started research on this blog I guessed that there would not be any African or Central or Southern American countries on this list, because they don't have very good medical care in a lot of those areas, so I would think that people would not live as long as other places, such as Europe, where there is bettter medical care and such. One thing that did surprise me on this list was that the United States was not on here. As I looked down the list I found out that the U.S. was number 46 with a life expectancy of 77.85. That surprised me. Also, something you should note: These are actually the top 14 countries, because they had cities and provinces listed on their list. If you would like to know what they were, Macau was number two with a life expectacy of 82.19, Hong Kong was fifth with a life expectancy of 81.59, Guernsey was tenth with a life expectancy of 80.42, and the Cayman Islands was thirteenth with a life expectancy of 80.07. So, without further adue, here is the list of the ten countries with the highest life expectancy!

1. Andorra- 83.51
2. San Marino- 81.71
3. Singapore- 81.71
4. Japan- 81.25
5. Sweden- 80.51
6. Switzerland-80.51
7. Australia- 80.50
8. Iceland- 80.31
9. Canada- 80.22
10. Italy- 79.81

And that is all for now. I will post a new blog this Friday, so you will have to come back and see what the title is then!


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