This blog was not exactly full of new information. Other than not knowing how to pronounce the names of these mountains I basically knew about these. They are all in Asia and they are all over 8,000 meters high. That is really tall, considering that the first mountain on this list that is in the western hemisphere is around number 68 on the list, in the Andes and a good 2,000 meters shorter than the top ten. The tallest mountain in the United States is even farther down the list than the tallest in the western hemisphere. It is Mt. McKinley in Alaska and it is several hundred meters shorter than the tallest mountains in the Andes. So basically, our mountains are dwarfs compared to the mountains in Asia. That is what I discovered from researching this blog. So without further adue, here is the list of the top ten tallest mountains in the world (and the pronuciation is all up to you.)

Mountain peak Range Location Height
Everest1 Himalayas Nepal/Tibet 29,0358,850
K2 (Godwin Austen) Karakoram Pakistan/China 28,2508,611
Kanchenjunga Himalayas India/Nepal28,1698,586
Lhotse IHimalayas Nepal/Tibet 27,9408,516
Makalu IHimalayas Nepal/Tibet27,7668,463
Cho OyuHimalayasNepal/Tibet26,9068,201
Dhaulagiri Himalayas Nepal 26,7958,167
Manaslu IHimalayas Nepal 26,7818,163
Nanga Parbat Himalayas Pakistan26,6608,125
Annapurna Himalayas Nepal 26,5458,091

Well, that is it for now and I'll post again on Friday with a new tenner you will just have to come back to find out about!


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i was going through your blog and found this . K2 is in India and not pakistan . correct it