This blog did not take nearly as much time and effort to research as the other blogs I have posted so far. Everyone pretty much agrees on what the largest countries are, whereas not everyone agrees that Damascus is the oldest city and that Acoma, New Mexico is the oldest city in North America. These are based on the area of the country, not the population of the country, that will be a later post. So here you have it, the ten largest countries!

  1. Russia - 6,592,768.87 sq miles
  2. Canada - 3,851,807.61 sq miles
  3. United States of America- 3,717,811.29 sq miles
  4. China - 3,705,405.45 sq miles
  5. Brazil - 3,286,486.71 sq miles
  6. Australia - 2,967,908.16 sq miles
  7. India - 1,269,345.07 sq miles
  8. Argentina - 1,068,301.76 sq miles
  9. Kazakhstan - 1,049,154.96 sq miles
  10. Sudan - 967,498.25 sq miles
I thought it was interesting that there was a country from each of the continents except Antartica in this list. You have Russia from Europe, Kazakhstan, India, and China from Asia, Canada and the United States of America from North America, Brazil and Argentina from South America, Sudan from Africa and Australia from...well, Australia. Anyways, I just thought that was an interesting little observation. That is it for now, I will post again next Friday!


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