This weeks reasearch was very interesting. When I first picked the topic for this week, I thought that all of the countries were most likely in Africa. Sure enough, I was right. In fact most of the bottom 30 or 35 countries with the lowest life expectancy are all in Africa. Their life expectancies range from about 32 to 52. Whereas the people in the country with the highest life expectancy, see my previous blog, are expected to live 83 years! That's more than double the life expectancy for any of the bottom ten coutries. Also, I found that the average life expectancy of the world is 68.1 years. The three countries with the lowest life expectancy are expected to live to almost half that. Wow. This blog was eye-opening. I guess I will go ahead and give you the list of the ten countries with the lowest life expectancy. Drumroll please...

  1. Swaziland-32.62
  2. Botswana-33.74
  3. Lesotho-34.40
  4. Angola-38.62
  5. Zimbabwe-39.29
  6. Liberia-39.65
  7. Mozambique-39.82
  8. Zambia-40.03
  9. Sierra leone-40.22
  10. Malawi-41.70
I thought I would give some applications to this blog instead of leaving you hanging on a minor chord. I read somewhere that one of the main causes for the low life expectancies in all of Africa is HIV/AIDS. There are some simple ways you can help Africa. Maybe even raise these countries life expectancies! Here is a list of few organizations I know of, and I am sure there are tons more out there. The ONE Campaign, Blood:Water mission, DATA, Project (RED), Heifer International, and Keep A Child Alive. There are plenty more links on The ONE Campaigns website. So, that is my conclusion for this week. I will be posting again soon, so check back for some more interesting information!


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