The reason this blog is late is because it was really hard to find information for it. I looked around everywhere on the internet and could not find what the hottest inhabited countries are. Since I could not find the hottest countries, I tried to find the hottest cities. Still, I could not find any information about it. Finally, I decided that I should just use the atlas. So then, this is the information from the DK Concise Atlas of the World. It lists the 13 hottest inhabited places, but they are only 5 different temperatures, so I decided that I should just list them all. They are in desert-like places, near the equator and, with the exception of Santa Marta Colombia, in Africa and India. I will go ahead and give you the list of the tem hottest inhabited places.

So, there you have it. The ten hottest inhabited cities according to DK's World Atals. That is all I have for now, so I will hopefully be posting on Friday about a new topic!


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