Well, maybe not really visited, but I have at least seen the airports! The first seven countries on the list I have actually stayed in for a little while. I've been to Mbarara, Uganda 3 times. Once when I was 10, once when I was 13, and once when I was 14. We visited and worked with some missionaries from our church there. Also, we have got to go to a game park twice called Queen Elizabeth National Park. All three times I went were amazing. I love Uganda. If you total them up I have been there for 37 days. Two summers ago I went to Durban, South Africa to visit some missionaries there for 17 days. That was insane, because I had no idea what South Africa was like. I will tell you this, they have the most amazing accents I have heard. May before last me and my family went to Oaxaca (Wah-ha-ka), Mexico. While we were there we visited a missionary there and attended a Spanish immersion class called Amigos del Sol. I was there for 14 days. That was an amazing experience and I really hope I get to go back to Oaxaca sometime. I also went to Saltillo, Mexico last summer with the high school group from my church. I was there for 6 days that were super fun. I think we are going back again this summer and I am stoked about it. I went to Costa Rica for 10 days as my brother's senior trip. Ah, so many memories there! Last year I went to Israel for 10 days. It was really interesting to see where Jesus actually was. It was also really fun being overseas with my friends and people from my church. On the way back home from that trip we went to Greece for 2 days. I really wish I had been more awake for those two days, but when you get a wake up call to go to the airport at 12:30 AM you can only be so awake the rest of the day. The part of that trip that I do remember was amazing. We were in Athens and...wow. Just being around things that are several thousand years old is awesome. London, I have only been there on layovers, but I have seen both Heathrow and Gatwick (unfortunately we had to switch airports on our layover.) We did get to walk around the first time we went through London. Jet lag is no fun though. This last time we went through we didn't really get to sight see much, but we did spend the night in a Hilton there. We went through the Paris airport and, to say it simply, it was not something I would want to do again. I have only been through the Brussels airport for a little while and I do not really remember that much about it. Except that they had really good chocolate on the plane. I never actually got off the plane in Kenya, but we did stop there to drop off or pick up some passengers on the way to and from Uganda one time. Well, now that I have told you all about it, here is the list of the ten countries I have (sort-of) visited.

Well, if you want the full stories from most of these countries, you can visit my other blog by clicking on the link on the side bar or by clicking on the title. There are some pictures there too. Enjoy! I will post again next week!


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London, Paris and Brussels are not countries and I think most Britons, Frenchmen, and Belgians would take exception to such a comment.
Otherwise...interesting website.