I am putting this blog out a little early because I will not bedoing school this Friday, considering it is Good Friday. I figured the earlier the better, so here it is.

I have not heard that much about literacy around the world. You hear about HIV/AIDS, extreme poverty, bad water, but you do not hear very much in the news about illiteracy. I found out several interesting things while researching for this blog. I found out that the UN declared from 1 January 2003 to 2012 as the Literacy Decade. You can find out more about that here. I had no idea about this. Also, since it was first celebrated in 1966, International Literacy Day is September 8. More information here. There is also a Global Action Week from April 23 to 29th, 2007. You can find out about that here. There really is so much out there about literacy probelms but it is just not where we can hear it. And if we cannot hear it we do not think it exists. We ignore it. But it is a real problem and there are tons of people trying to solve this problem. Now, so you will know who they are, here are the ten least literate countries.

One interesting observation I made is that not all of these countries are in Africa. Sure, the majority of them are, but not all. I thought that was interesting, because most of the other lists like this one are all in Africa, but this problem is bigger than just Africa. So do what you can to help this. Sign the chain, take part in Global Action Week. Let us change the world for the better.

I will have a new post up next Friday about a new topic. You will have to check back and see what it is next time. So until then, Happy Easter everyone!


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