This blog was slightly more difficult to decide about than I had anticipated. There are a couple different ways to measure how many people speak a language. You can measure it by the native speakers or the native and secondary speakers. Either way you measure it you come up with these same basic countries, but they may be a little varried in order. There were also some I did not expect. I expected Chinese, English, Arabic and French, but there were some others that I did not expect like Bengali and Malay-Indonesian. I would not have guessed that they were going to be in the top ten languages.
I think it is interesting that none of the ten are African. I guess because there are so many different dialects in all the countries in Africa none of them are very widely spoken. I read on the internet that Swahili is the most widely spoken African language, spoken by about 1,616,230 people. I also thought this was an interesting observation. The figure I got for the total population of the world is 6,461,306,513, so then roughly a sixth of the world's population speaks Chinese, roughly a twelfth of the world speaks English and just over half of the world's total population speaks one of the top ten languages.
Well, I guess you are wanting to know what these ten languages are, so here this weeks list of the ten most widely spoken languages (and how to say hello in each language)!

There you go, and that's all I have got for this week. I will be blogging again next week!


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